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Osiba launches Dispute Alternatives arm

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So last Saturday, out of curiosity, I started a rigorous 1-year postgraduate programme at my Alma mater, Wits University – the Labour Dispute Resolution Practice. South Africa’s labour legislation is, in the words of one of the facilitators, onerous. This is borne out, I observed, by the fact that a large number of cases that go to the statutory Commission for Conciliation, Mediation & Arbitration (CCMA), reportedly involve SMEs – an experience we’ve come to refer to as being “CCMAd”. Been there myself. So, I asked, can’t there be a special dispensation for SMEs, given their limited time, human and financial resources? The response startled me: the CCMA itself is deeply concerned that it receives so many cases involving SMEs. CCMA wants to reach out to SMEs with educational programmes to help them better manage their employee relations. Let’s join the CCMA and hashtag#StopSMEsBeingCCMAd.

Author: Niq

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