About Osiba

Knowledge, learning and people-to-people connections are at the heart of what we do. Through a natural evolution process, we have become a specialised boutique operation, with three inter-connected offerings.
About Us
  • Research, analysis and design

    We started operation in 1996 focused purely on knowledge generation through research and analysis; and design of policies and programmes in the entrepreneurship and SME promotion field.

  • International business events

    Our quest to exchange knowledge and experiences with our peers globally on the state-of-the-art practice in our field, saw us in 2012 extend our scope of practice into international business events, as a platform for dialogue, learning, and practice improvement both for us and our clients.

  • Enhancing ROI on meetings

    Meetings play an important role in driving learning and team motivation, and organisations invest healthy sums in them. Ensuring return on investment is therefore key. Learning and team building are effective and have lasting impact when they are engaging and fun. We offer a suite of world-leading digital engagement tools that drive audience engagement and learning in a fun way.