Research, analysis and design

Our founding services cover various areas in the field of entrepreneurship and SME promotion, including:

  • SME policy and programme research and advisory
  • Impact assessments of economic development programmes
  • Regulatory impact analysis and simplification
  • Design and implementation of SME promotion policies, strategies and programmes
  • Design of SME Business Association development programmes
  • General monitoring and evaluation of economic development programmes

Knowledge exchange, transfer and networking

We believe that when people connect “iron sharpens iron”, solutions are created, and challenges are resolved. We foster borderless knowledge exchange, transfer and learning through bidding for international business events and through conference origination and production. Over the years since we started in this area in 2012, we have brought flagship international SME conferences to South Africa. We have taken networking to the next level by creating two unique networking platforms – the Tourism Enterprise Network™ and The NetWealth™ – see more details under Networks.

Incentive travel experiences

With us bringing thousands of international conference delegates to South Africa, it was natural that the requirements of our guests, many of them coming to the country or even the continent for the very first time, would necessitate us organising sightseeing experiences across the country. This led naturally to us broadening our scope of operations to offering incentive travel experiences, both connected to and independent of our international conferences. We are proud to have been appointed as official agents by The Blue Train, one of the world’s top luxury trains, offering 5-star experience and a variety of custom-made packages.


Download our magazine feature titled: “Five-star Luxury on the Track” and read a first-hand guest account on the unrivalled Blue Train experience.

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