Osiba Offerings

The Osiba Offering

Knowledge exchange and international learning

We believe that when people connect “iron sharpens iron”, solutions are created, and challenges are resolved. Through our dedicated unit, Osiba Management, we foster knowledge exchange, transfer and learning by creating and hosting a variety of international business events. Over the years since we started in this area in 2012, we have hosted several international business events. These include:

  • 37th International Small Business Congress (ISBC) – 744 delegates
  • WASTEX Africa – 180 delegates
  • Africa Waste Week – 250 delegates
  • 19th World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises’ (WASME) International Conference on SMEs (ICSME) – 621 delegates
  • 11th International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises’ (INSME) Annual International Forum – 300 delegates
  • International Conference on Business Advising (ICBA) – 364 delegates
  • SIM Global Assembly – 450 delegates.

Future business events include the 2018 USA-Africa Infrastructure Innovation Summit (300 delegates), Enterprise Financing Summit (300 delegates), IFES World Assembly (estimated 1,000 delegates) and the 2020 International Conference on Thinking (estimated 500-800 delegates).