Annie is CEO of The Hope Factory, a Non Profit Company specialising in Enterprise and Supplier Development and growing South African entrepreneurs. The Hope Factory is part of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and has been in existence for 15 years. Annie has vast experience in Enterprise Development and entrepreneurship and has qualifications in Social Entrepreneurship, Industrial Psychology (Masters) and the Sciences. 

The Hope Factory plays an active role in economic transformation in South Africa through advancing the sustainable growth of entrepreneurial Black businesses. The Hope Factory offers entrepreneurial development based on three main legs, firstly, the personal and leadership development of the individual entrepreneur; secondly, the transfer of business skills and strategy development; and thirdly the development of financial excellence so that the entrepreneurial businesses can attract growth funding and investment.

Our flagship and customised programmes consist of a compulsory mentorship component in conjunction to a range of business development services suited to the individual growth path of the business. These services include operational investments, access to market opportunities, networking sessions, business development workshops and specialised training.

The purpose and heartbeat of The Hope Factory is to grow the person, develop businesses and impact the community through our results-focussed mentorship model, while adding value to our investors.