Septi Bukula, ICBA 2017 Director, has been involved in entrepreneurship and small business research since 1993, specialising in public policy, design of support programmes, impact assessments, and regulatory analysis and simplification. He has produced a number of important works for a range of clients in the public and private sector. One of his most important works is a 2011 report titled “Rethinking small business support in South Africa” compiled by a 4-person expert panel he led, which was appointed and commissioned by the Minister of Trade & Industry to conduct a review of government support for small business. Bukula’s work has been influential in informing small business policy and support programmes in South Africa and further afield in Kenya and Rwanda, where he was commissioned by the World Bank to undertake regulatory simplification work.

In 2010 Bukula was named Honorary Fellow and Honorary Life Member by the Institute of Business Advisors South Africa (IBASA), “in recognition of outstanding service to micro, small and medium enterprises and / or to the Profession of Business Advisers in South Africa”. He has also served on the Boards of several small business organisations in South Africa and internationally. Driven by his keen interest in the international exchange of learning in the entrepreneurship and small business field, Bukula has organised several large international small business conferences in South Africa, including the 37th International Small Business Congress (ISBC, 2012), 19th World Association for Small & Medium Enterprises (WASME) 19th International Conference on SMEs (ICSME, 2013) and the 11th Annual Forum of the International Network for Small & Medium Enterprises (INSME, 2015).

He is the founder and director of Osiba Management, based in Johannesburg.